Yes, it’s already been more than 30 days since you last heard from us. Where has the time gone! It feels like just yesterday that we were setting up Pashm and today, we are retailing at two boutiques and are in collaboration with some local designers on their new collections. What’s more, in the coming months our brand will be sold online (watch this space for more on that!).

It’s been nothing short of exciting to say the least, especially when people have been so positive about our products and our story. Sometimes, what every new business needs is just a little encouragement and we’ve had plenty of that (even a rap on the knuckles☺) from some amazing people who’ve been in the fashion industry for years. We believe in our product and we are happy that others do too.

What’s more, meeting new people has also given us a chance to explore the Netherlands. We’ve been to Budel (hoping to sip on a Starbucks upon arrival, but alas!), Bloemendaal (such a variety of eating places and quaint boutiques that we have to go back) and Rotterdam. Since neither of us drives, which would have been so much easier with a suitcase full of samples, you will sometimes find us running from one platform to another to board a train on time.

And that’s not the only fun part of our job. There’s brainstorming over which new products to work with, speaking with weavers over Facetime or taking a chocolate break to recharge and rework an idea for a collection. We’ve gained calories, lost sleep but this is still the job we want to wake up to in the morning.