Exciting partnership

Yarns on the bobin

At the start of 2014, we met someone who changed our lives and the future of our business. It happened at Modefabriek’s Fashion Match – we met Jolijn Fiddelaers of IXXcreates and discovered that she too has a close connection with India, the artisans and Indian textiles. We set a date to meet as she was off to India the very next day and when she returned, we were off visiting our production team.

Since then, things have happened so quickly, there’s been no turning back. Our vision was one and we realised that we had complementary skills. What’s more, we both wanted to work extensively with Indian artisan groups and explore the world of possibilities ahead. Jolijn had recently trained craftsgroups in India in design translation, we had a larger network of artisans and together we could build a stronger brand. Karigar was born as a result of that partnership and the brand was launched at Dutch Design Week in Eindhoven.

Since 2015, IXX and Pashm have taken their brand to various trade shows, including the Green Orange Fashion Fair, Fair Fashion Festival and  ShowUp. We are now retailing our Karigar Home and Fashion accessories at 8 stores across the Netherlands and Germany, and that’s only the beginning.

Jolijn’s just returned from an exciting 5 week trip to India, after meeting new suppliers and discovering wonderful fabrics for us to work with. So just like our previous collection, our new collection for Karigar is bound to change the way the fashion world sees the possibilities of Indian textiles.