Less than one week to go for Modefabriek, and although we are just going to be visitors there, we can’t help but be excited.

Our first stop shall be at MINT, (the trade-show event that’s part of the Modefabriek) because they’re all about sustainable fashion that’s stylish. And that’s been Pashm’s ideology from the very start – fashionable fair-trade.

World over, sustainability is becoming an important and known concept. Those in the fashion and apparel industry are conscious about the environmental and social impact of what they produce, and are moving towards sustainable products.

One of the key products in our portfolio is Vana (Forest Oak) Silk which is made from wild silk, in combination with wool. We work with mountain communities, who aim to conserve natural resources while producing this yarn. This particular silk worm feeds on the oak trees and while doing so, performs a pruning function that helps in the regeneration of the leaves. The perfect example of being sustainable!

We hope to meet more like-minded brands at the Modefabriek, and truly get a sense of what sustainable means to the rest of the fashion world.

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